Sailing is my preferred sport activitiy in sommer. I like the most sailing my own catamaran both alone or with my family. I'm not a professional competitive sailor but simply a yachting enthusiast who enjoys feeling the wind in his back.



Skiing is for me a perfect combination of viewing the scenic beauty and feeling the speed and fresh air during going downhill. Additionally sharing this enjoyable experiance with my wife and kids motivates me much too.
I have started skiing several years ago but I have a long pause and now I'm trying to come back to this activity and also to motivate my family to enjoy it as much as I do.



I like travelling and discovering natural beauty of earth's landscape on one side and discovering other cultures and countries, sightseeing historical places and other tourist attrations on the other side.

Spare time


In my limited spare time I'm developing small hobby projects especially for Linux (PHP, Python, Perl, Bash) and Windows (C#). I'm also managing my IT infrastructure at home which becomes bigger and bigger every year.